Municipal Finance & Expenditures

City of Nanaimo Contract Services Review

MMK Consulting evaluated more than $30 million in contract services at the City of Nanaimo, to determine if the City would benefit from lowering or raising its current policies with respect to in-house versus contracted services. MMK compared costs and other factors of alternate operations, and presented the findings of the study to City Council.

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City of Vancouver Consumption of Tax-Supported Municipal Services

On behalf of the City of Vancouver, MMK Consulting analyzed in detail the demand for tax-supported municipal services from the residential and non-residential property classes. This report was commissioned as a resource document for use by the City of Vancouver's Property Tax Policy Review Commission.

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Northern Rockies Infrastructure Financial Plan Review

MMK Consulting performed a review of the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality’s long-term capital infrastructure investment plans. The assessment, conducted for a Provincial review committee, included analysis of the Municipality’s base case financial strategy and the ability to mitigate the financial risks if population and economic growth assumptions are not fully realized.

City of Prince George Fleet Funding Review

MMK Consulting reviewed fleet capital financing programs and policies at the City of Prince George, including an analysis of various purchase/lease and financing options. The modeling and related assessment provided the City’s Finance & Audit Committee with a better understanding of future asset replacement challenges, including how different funding options would affect the City’s future debt levels.

City of Richmond Comparison of Municipal Expenditures

On behalf of the City of Richmond, MMK Consulting analyzed tax-supported municipal expenditures and revenues for five municipalities (Richmond, Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey and Coquitlam), and compared the residential tax burdens in each community for single families and strata properties.

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City of Surrey Capital Asset Planning

On behalf of the City of Surrey, MMK Consulting reviewed the age and replacement cost profile of all existing chattel assets in the City, and determined asset replacement reserve requirements based on a forecast future replacement schedule.

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Consumption of Tax-Supported Municipal Services in the City of North Vancouver

On behalf of the North Shore Waterfront Industrial Association, MMK Consulting compared the property taxes (and grants in lieu of taxes) paid for different property classes (residential, business, and industrial) in the District of North Vancouver, relative to the consumption of tax-supported services by each of these property classes.

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District of Squamish Infrastructure Financial Planning

In association with Kerr Wood Leidel Consulting Engineers, MMK Consulting developed a draft financial plan for the District of Squamish to consider proposed changes to the District’s revenue sources, plus the property tax implications of financing the costs of operating, maintaining and replacing infrastructure on a long-term basis.

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